More Craigslist Treasure

I struck Craigslist gold again! I was looking for second hand pieces for the bathroom and stumbled across this beautiful stool. I had seen one before on Craigslist but it was out of my price range. Well it appears it was fate because another one popped up with a price that was just too good to ignore.

The piece is a Magis Lyra stool created by Design Group Italia of Milan. Constructed in Italy, the Magis Lyra stool has a striking bentwood seat and spider-like legs.  It retails at high end furniture companies in sets of 4 for over $2000 (see here at Herman Miller’s site)! Holy moly that’s a lot of dough and is definitely too steep for my price range. So you will never guess that I was able to snatch this up for a fraction of the price at $80. Just another reason why I love Craigslist. The seller was a delightful young lady who seemed to be very well traveled and we had a great conversation. She mentioned that this piece was part of the original production. As an added bonus, I had the opportunity to take a look around her stylish abode.

Even better, I found a matching stool in a Goodwill for $30?!